Why horses?

our most important partners

The horses are our most important partners.

Horses are very responsive to human emotion and actions – they respond to what we do and how we feel. Horses are honest and non-judgmental. They know if you mean what you say. They invite and challenge people to be respectful, authentic, responsible and dependable in how we relate. If our communication is clear, congruent and consistent, the horse will be a willing cooperative partner.

The key to the effectiveness of EAL is the horses’ sensitivity in response to any changes participants make. Horses respond to people’s intentions and sense this through a person’s non-verbal behaviour and internal states. Horses give immediate direct feedback about any changes in behaviour – what works, what doesn’t work, what is helpful or not helpful. This assists people to take responsibility for their emotions, decisions, actions, and choices. When you change your thinking and actions the horse will respond differently. Learning, awareness, and changes occur through doing, experimenting, problem solving, and finding the best solutions.

Horses are often safer and more reliable in their way of relating than people are. Through their interactions with horses, participants learn and practice healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. These skills assist them in successfully navigating difficult relationships and working together with others.

Being with and around horses is an empowering experience and encourages participants to feel, reach out and to connect with the world.


Our Horses

eating-300x114Louise and her husband Jack have 11 horses, most of them have been rescued in one way or another. All of them have their own appeal and strengths. Louise rides some of the horses and Jack uses others for carriage driving, but most of the time the horses are free to wander about and graze at their leisure.

bluemoonpic1-300x199“We provide our horses with a peaceful lifestyle and in return we get to hang out with these very special souls, they enhance our lives so much just by being in it!”

During the weekend we will be working with some of the herd. The herd are a diverse lot and include ponies, standardbreds, quarterhorses, a warmblood, brumby and a retired stockhorse. They have come to live with us for various reasons and some have had a tough past, but all are happy, healthy and willing facilitators for EFT.