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Important information about equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development (EAP)

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association (EAGALA) model EAP incorporates horses experientially for human personal growth, learning, and skills development. EAP focuses on setting up ground activities which involve interacting and connecting with horses and ponies in a problem solving endeavour (there is no riding involved). Sessions are conducted by a facilitating team of a Psychologist and a qualified Equine Specialist (ES) in all your sessions. The Psychologist and ES are EAGALA Certified which requires completion of specialised training in this model, ongoing continuing education, and adherence to high standards of practice.

There are some risks in being around horses due to their size and nature of being an animal. This is covered in the Release and Waiver of Liability we have provided for your review and signature, and will review verbally with you before your initial session. It is important you understand the risks and benefits and ask any questions you may have about that in making your decision to be involved in these services.


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